The best Business People to follow on Snapchat

Adding these people to your Snapchat account it super easy - just save their "Ghost Code" to your phone and add them with the Add by Snapcode feature.

I wrote this post and came up with the best people that I knew you would need to follow - then it hit me that I didn't have any women on my list!  Ladies, don't worry. I'll have an entire post dedicated to the Business Women of Snapchat.  Link coming soon!  Below is the list of people that keep me motivated daily with business topics when browsing through my Snapchat feed:

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Gary Vaynerchuck

Gary V might as well be called the Godfather of Snapchat.  This guy knows how it's done in the social media scene. Follow him to see the grind of his business life - if anyone is on a full time Business GRIND, it's Gary V.

Justin Kan

Justin has a great channel where he often has guests take over his account. He seems to have a lot of connections in the startup and venture capital scene. Justin popularized the term "lifecasting".

Hunter Walk

A Stanford grad and former Youtube and Google employee, Hunter gives you a look behind the curtain of his everyday life.  Venture Capital and Startups are his nitty gritty now.

Chris Sacca

Chris is a super smart dude who has been on Shark Tank as a guest investor a few different times.  A former lawyer, and current VC, Chris is another person who knows his shit when it comes to business.  Billionaire - with a B!

Mark Suster

Mark dives deep into business concepts that engage entrepreneurs from all over the world.  I totally geek out with Mark's snaps, and look forward to them everyday!  Today he was talking about startups hiring their first Marketing people... ironic?

Andy Frisella

I originally found Andy through his Podcast, and catch him on Snapchat too.  He is a man who speaks his mind, and has a lot of great advice about business, particularly sales strategy and training. He is The mfCEO of a nutritional supplement company.

Morgan Brown

Morgan offers growth marketing tips and behind the scenes of his growth and marketing teams at Inman, helping others understand how growth works online.

Noah Kagan

Founder of AppSumo, and big on Snapchat.  Former Facebook employee, and master growth marketer.  I have Noah's SumoMe program installed on this very site!  Noah has a lot to offer for the marketing people reading this.

DJ Khaled

A little off the business path, I know. Khaled can get down with business here and there, but he is my oddball pick to follow for you guys. If you don't know, he is a record producer, radio personality, DJ and record label executive.

Shaun Ayala

Shaun is a Snapchat storyteller, widely recognized for his snapchat games starring characters like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and Zombies from the Walking Dead.  Shaun is also currently the Marketing Manager at Best Buy.

Jason Katsoris

Best for last? Oh hey!  This is me.  Go ahead and give me an add while you're at it!  I love to snap about what I'm upto, and give you a behind the scene look of what I am doing with my friends, family, and business connections!

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