Marketing expertise, on a personal level.

Where to start?

Say you're ready to start using Social J Marketing for your online marketing—but you're not sure where to start, or how to stay on track with your marketing goals. That's where your dedicated Manager comes in. Call to learn more: 413-400-2625

Get help with your marketing strategy.

Your Personal Marketing Manager will help you identify your goals, and what kind of marketing you need to do to reach them. They’ll help identify the right template and campaign, and make sure you’re using all the right best practices.

Your Manager will even set up your account for you.

The fastest way to get started with Social J Marketing? Have your Personal Marketing Manager set up your account for you. They'll add your logo, business info, upload and segment your list, and get you started with Toolkit's contact list-building tools.

Professional marketing, made easy.

Sending a regular monthly campaign is a breeze: you supply the content, and your Personal Marketing Manager will handle the design and formatting, campaign testing, and scheduling the send. Your campaigns look professional, and you save time.