Email Marketing - Return on Investment (ROI)

So, what is this email marketing ROI (return on investment) all about?  Allow us to put our cards on the table:

Our fully managed email service cost $799.00 for the year (or $66.58 per email). If your average sale is $20, you need 4 sales monthly to make back your money (plus some). If you strive to make the $38 made for each $1 spent - you'll make $2,530.17 on each email.  So, how do we get there?

Bare in mind, this type of return comes when you have a large email list.  So if you're not already collecting the email addresses of your customers, now is the time to start. You'll need 127 customers to take advantage of your $20 promotion to meet the $2,530.17 threshold.

How's this example: if you grow your email list to 5000 customers, you'll only need 2.54% of your list to purchase your $20 promotion to make $38 for each $1 spent on our service. 2.54% is a realistic number, with 2% being the industry standard.

5000 people on my email list?!
A list of 5000 customers is VERY doable.  Most of our current customers have at least 10,000 subscribers. Frankly, we've ran the numbers - and email still brings in the bacon like no other promotional marketing platform today.

We are looking to team up with your business and provide you with a fully managed email marketing service that will increase your bottom line.  Social J Marketing has been in the digital marketing business since 2012.  We have many clients within the North East, and we want to work with you!  We know your business sector, and we know your local customers.

Here is how our system works:
1. We (Social J Marketing) figure out the best way to collect your customer's email address (if you aren't already doing so).  This could be as simple as giving the customer a piece of paper to write their info on, or making a system that is connected to your point of sale system.  Most of the time we opt for an online form that can be filled out on a computer or tablet that is located at your point of sale.

2. We (Social J Marketing) create 12 promotional emails (1 each month) that your customers WANT to receive.  In your industry, most customers want a deal or coupon.  Typically we run these deals with seasonal promotions: Spring, Summer, Football, on and so forth.

3. We (Social J Marketing) design your email template to match your branding, and write your copy (text) for all of the emails.

4. You look over the emails, and let us know if you would like any changes.

5. We schedule the emails to send on days that are optimal for your success, and relevant to the promotion.

6. You sit back (or maybe roll up your sleeves) and watch as your customers walk into your establishment ready to buy the promotion you've sent.

Have more questions?
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