5 great examples of email marketing:

Getting into the inbox is only half the battle.

Lately, email marketing gets a great deal of tough love from consumers. With the rise of mobile advertising and services like Gmail introducing email filters, it has become increasingly hard for brands to market via email.  It leads some marketers to think that an email marketing strategy just is not worth the effort.

At Social J Marketing, we feel email marketing is still an extremely valuable avenue to market your product or services. Email marketing can go a long way in building brand loyalty and maybe even making some of your followers laugh! Below are five examples of great email marketing tactics.

J Crew

J Crew understands that wrapping gifts can be time consuming, and quite frankly many of us are not good at it. This email is a clever way to promote the store’s gift card option for gifts. The email’s call to action offers two ways for consumers to pick up gift cards: in store or online.


Marketing email from Uber is always simple and almost always has a good offer.  Often it’s a new product they are launching or a new promotion for the week. Their emails are always simple and consistent with the branding and look their mobile app and website.


JetBlue has long been known for its quirky email marketing tactics. The below email contains witty copywriting, a distinguishable call to action button, and of course a flight special.  Who wouldn’t love that?!


Dropbox keeps their email short and sweet. This email in particular emphasizes that you signed up for their service but have yet to take advantage of all they have to offer.


With large bold offers you can't miss and compelling call to action buttons all over this email, REI really knows how to deliver a quality email to their customer.  REI also has a great monthly email where they send out a calendar of all the courses they are teaching at your local store.

Done correctly, email can be a very valuable tool in your marketing toolbox.  Here at Social J Marketing, we have strongly advise our customers to make the most of their customer’s inbox.

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